Azure Job Ready Program

Azure Job Ready Program

Welcome to the forefront of cloud technology with our exclusive Job Ready Program for Azure. At ProHut, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between education and employment by providing top-tier training that equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic world of cloud computing.

Our Job Ready Program for Azure is meticulously designed to ensure you are not only well-versed in Azure technologies but also ready to tackle real-world challenges.

ProHut’s Azure Job Ready program is designed by IT Professionals who are responsible for designing, planning, implementing and managing enterprise scale Azure environments for many large Organisations. It is based on the real life scenarios implemented for various businesses ranging from small to large size. 

Know Your Trainer

Our Job Ready Program for Azure is delivered by seasoned IT professionals who have extensive experience working with large organizations and on enterprise-level projects. These experts bring a wealth of real-world knowledge and practical insights into the classroom, ensuring you receive the highest quality education.  Our instructors have worked with Fortune 500 companies and other major enterprises, managing and implementing Azure solutions on a grand scale.

With hands-on experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining Azure environments, our instructors offer practical, actionable knowledge that goes beyond theory. They have led significant projects, from migrations to cloud-native applications, ensuring that you learn best practices and methodologies that are relevant to current industry standards.

Most of our instructors hold advanced Azure certifications  (e.g. Microsoft Certified Trainer, AZ-104: Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, AZ-305: Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, AZ-500: Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate, SC-100: Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert and many more) and have been recognized for their contributions to the field of cloud computing.

Empower Your Future in Cloud Computing

Elevate Your IT Career with Our Azure Job Ready Program

How Our Program Helps You Secure a Higher Paid Job?

In-Demand Skills and Certifications

Our Job Ready Program for Azure equips you with the most sought-after skills in the IT industry. Azure expertise is highly valued by employers, and certifications like AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-305, AZ-500, AZ-700 demonstrate your proficiency and commitment to professional development. These certifications can significantly boost your resume, making you a more attractive candidate for higher-paying positions.

Practical Experience

Through hands-on labs, project work, and access to a sandbox environment, you gain practical experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. This practical approach ensures that you are job-ready from day one, able to handle real-world challenges confidently. Employers highly value candidates who can demonstrate their ability to apply skills in practical settings, leading to better job offers and higher salaries.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed in consultation with industry experts to ensure it meets current market demands. By learning the latest technologies and best practices in Azure, you stay ahead of the curve. This up-to-date knowledge makes you a valuable asset to any organization, increasing your bargaining power for a higher salary.

Comprehensive Career Services

We provide extensive career support to help you land your dream job. From resume building to interview coaching and job placement assistance, our career services are tailored to help you succeed. Our strong network of hiring partners means you have access to exclusive job opportunities, often with higher salary brackets.

Who Should enroll this?

  • IT Professionals: Looking to upgrade their skills and stay competitive in the job market.
  • Career Changers: Interested in transitioning to a cloud-focused role.
  • Recent Graduates: Eager to start their career in one of the fastest-growing sectors.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Passionate about learning new technologies and expanding their skill set.

Azure Job Ready Program Highlights

Module 1 : Azure Cloud Overview

Lesson 01 : Cloud Computing Overview
Lesson 02 : Cloud Models
Lesson 03 : Benefits of using Cloud
Lesson 04 : Azure Portal
Lesson 05 : Azure Tenant, Subscription, Azure Resource Groups
Lesson 06 : Availability Set
Lesson 07 : Availability Zones
Lesson 08 : Create Azure Virtual Machines
Lesson 09 : Virtual Machine Extensions
Lesson 10 : Install IIS on Virtual Machines

Lab.01 : Create FREE Azure Portal.
Lab.02 : Create Billing Alerts in Azure Portal.
Lab.03 : Create a VM and install IIS on it.

Module 2 : Azure Entra ID (Active Directory)

Lesson 01 : On-Premises Active Directory
Lesson 02 : Azure Entra ID (Active Directory)
Lesson 03 : Entra ID Domain Services
Lesson 04 : Custom Domain
Lesson 05 : Azure Users and Groups
Lesson 06 : Azure Managed Identities

Lab.01 : Configure Custom Domain in Entra ID
Lab.02 : Synchronise on-premises users to Azure Entra ID

Module 3 : Deploy and Manage Azure Compute

Lesson 01 : Azure Virtual Machine
Lesson 02 : Availability Set
Lesson 03 : Availability Zone
Lesson 04 : Scale Set
Lesson 05 : App Services
Lesson 06 : Scale up and Scale-Out Azure App Services
Lesson 07 : Deployment Slots
Lesson 08 : Create a Custom Domain for Web App

Lab.01 : Create a Virtual Machine in Availability Zones
Lab.02 : Auto Scale a Virtual Machine
Lab.03 : Create a Web App
Lab.04 : Create Web App Deployment slots.

Module 4 : Azure Networking and Network Security

Lesson 01 : Public Vs Private IP
Lesson 02 : Virtual Network, Subnet, CIDR, NIC
Lesson 03 : Network Security Group (NSG)
Lesson 04 : Application Security Group (ASG)
Lesson 05 : Public DNS and Private DNS
Lesson 06 : Route Table
Lesson 07 : User Defined Routes (UDR)
Lesson 08 : VNET Peering
Lesson 09 : Gateway Transit
Lesson 10 : Azure Bastion Host
Lesson 11 : Hub and Spoke Topology
Lesson 12 : Azure Landing Zone
Lesson 13 : Azure Firewall
Lesson 14 : Azure Firewall Policies

Lab.01 : Allow the VM access and HTTP via NSG.
Lab.02 : Create Hub and Spoke Topology along with Azure Firewall and communicate to Spoke1 VM with Spoke2 VM via Azure Firewall.
Lab.03 : Create VNET Peering and communicate VMs across different VNETs.
Lab.04 : Create a Bastion Host and access Azure VM via Azure Bastion.
Lab.05 : Create a Firewall Rule to remote a VM via Firewall.

Module 5 : Hybrid Networking

Lesson 01 : Azure Load Balancer
Lesson 02 : Azure Application Gateway
Lesson 03 : Azure Traffic Manager
Lesson 04 : Azure Front Door
Lesson 05 : Azure Site-to-Site VPN
Lesson 06 : Azure Point-to-Site VPN
Lesson 07 : Azure ExpressRoute
Lesson 08 : Encrypt Traffic between On-Premises and Azure
Lesson 09 : Azure Virtual WAN
Lesson 10 : Web Application Firewall (WAF) Vs Azure Firewall

Lab.01 : Public Load Balancer for Azure Virtual Machines
Lab.02 : Deploy Application Gateway
Lab.03 : Deploy Azure Front Door
Lab.04 : Deploy Traffic Manager
Lab.05 : Configure Site-to-Site VPN
Lab.06 : Configure Point to Site VPN

Module 6 : Private Access to Azure Services

Lesson 01 : Service Endpoints
Lesson 02 : Private Endpoints
Lesson 03 : Service Principles
Lesson 04 : Consideration to Access Azure PaaS resource with Private Endpoints

Lab.01 : Create Service Endpoint for Azure Resources
Lab.02 : Create Private Endpoints for Azure Resources
Lab.03 : Restrict Public Access to Azure PaaS Services

Module 7 : Azure Storage

Lesson 01 : Azure Storage
Lesson 02 : Azure Storage Account Type
Lesson 03 : Storage Life Cycle Management
Lesson 04 : Storage Security Strategies
Lesson 05 : Storage Explorer
Lesson 06 : Azure Files
Lesson 07 : Data Lake Storage

Lab.01 : Create Azure Storage
Lab.02 : Access Storage Data using Storage Explorer
Lab.03 : Create Blob Life Cycle Management
Lab.04 : Create Data Lake Storage
Lab.05 : Create Storage Private Endpoint and Access via Azure VM

Module 8 : Azure Identity Access and Security

Lesson 01 : Azure External Identities
Lesson 02 : Azure Conditional Access
Lesson 03 : Role-Based Access Control
Lesson 04 : Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
Lesson 05 : Azure Policies
Lesson 06 : Resource Locks
Lesson 07 : Microsoft for Defender
Lesson 08 : Just in Time VM Access

Lab.01 Configure Conditional Access
Lab.02 Grant Access to Guest Users/External Identities
Lab.03 Configure Azure Policy
Lab.04 Configure Microsoft for Defender for Subscription
Lab.05 Configure ISM/ ISO 27001 using Defender for Cloud
Lab.06 Configure Just in Time VM Access

Module 9 : Azure Key Vault

Lesson 01 : Azure Key Vault
Lesson 02 : Azure Key Vault Access Policies
Lesson 03 : Backup and Restore Azure Key Vault

Lab.01 : Configure Azure Key Vault
Lab.02 : Create Azure Key Vault Secret

Module 10 : Azure Monitor

Lesson 01 : Monitor Azure Resources
Lesson 02 : Azure Monitoring Agent
Lesson 03 : Log Analytics Workspace
Lesson 04 : Log Analytics Workspace Long-Term Log Retention for Legal and Audit Purposes.
Lesson 05 : Application Insight
Lesson 06 : Microsoft Sentinel
Lesson 07 : SIEM and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)
Lesson 08 : Network Watcher

Lab.01 Monitor Azure Virtual Machine (Eventviewer)
Lab.02 Monitor Bad Password/Account Lockout attempts using Microsoft Sentinel
Lab.03 Azure Network Watcher to Monitor Network (IP Flow Log, Next Hop, Connection Monitor, etc)
Lab.04 Incident Creation in Microsoft Sentinel.
Lab.05 Create Action Group for Incidents.

Module 11 : Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Lesson 01 : Azure Backup
Lesson 02 : Azure Site Recovery

Lab.01 : Backup and Restore Azure VM
Lab.02 : Configure Azure Site Recovery for Azure VM

Module 12 : Hybrid Cloud and Migration

Lesson 01 : Azure ARC
Lesson 02 : Resource Mover
Lesson 03 : Application Migration
Lesson 04 : Azure Assessment
Lesson 05 : Azure Migration

Lab.01 : Configure Azure ARC
Lab.02 : Manage On-Prem VMs using Azure ARC
Lab.03 : Migrate On-Premises VM to Azure

Module 13 : Container and Kubernetes

Lesson 01 : Docker and Kubernetes
Lesson 02 : Azure Container Instance
Lesson 03 : Azure Container Registry
Lesson 04 : Monolithic Vs Micro Services
Lesson 05 : DockerHub
Lesson 06 : Azure Kubernetes Services
Lesson 07 : Service Mesh

Lab.01 : Configure Docker
Lab.02 : Configure Custom Image
Lab.03 : Push Image to DockerHub
Lab.04 : Push Image to Azure Container Registry
Lab.05 : Configure Azure Container Instance
Lab.06 : Configure Azure Container Registry
Lab.07 : Configure Azure Kubernetes Services
Lab.08 : Map Azure Files in Azure PODs

Module 14 : Azure DevOps

Lesson 01 : Introduction to Azure DevOps
Lesson 02 : Azure CI/CD Pipeline
Lesson 03 : DevOps Approval Gates
Lesson 04 : DevOps Environments
Lesson 05 : DevSecOps
Lesson 06 : DevOps Self Hosted Agent

Lab.01 : Create Azure DevOps Account
Lab.02 : Enable Parallelism in Azure DevOps
Lab.03 : Creating and configuring Service Principal in DevOps
Lab.04 : Create WebApp using Azure DevOps Pipeline
Lab.05 : Access Key Vault using DevOps Pipeline and Create Storage
Lab.06 : Create Custom OS Image and Push to Docker Hub
Lab.07 : Configure Self-Hosted Agent for Azure DevOps
Lab.08 : Create Azure Kubernetes Cluster and deploy the Custom OS Image deployed to Docker Hub


Failover Azure Virtual Machine from one Azure region to another Azure region.

Sync Active Directory Users from On-Premises Domain Controller to Azure.

Access on-premises hosted Web Server over the Internet without direct Internet access on the Web Server.

Migrate on-premises Virtual Machine to Azure.

Migrate on-premises Domain Controller to Azure Cloud.

Create a WordPress site in Azure.

Configure Site-to-Site VPN Connection in Azure.

Configure Point-to-Site VPN Connection in Azure.

Host a static web-site in Azure Storage.

Deploy the auto-scalable application in Azure Kubernetes Services.

User Azure DevOps pipeline to create a Docker Image, push the image to the Docker Hub/Azure Repository and create an AKS PODS.

Deploy Azure Landing Zone using Terraform IaC. Automate Azure Infrastructure deployment using Terraform and Azure DevOps pipeline.

Redirect all the traffic using Azure Firewall.

Create an Azure Firewall in 2 Azure Regions and Failover traffic from the Azure Firewall hosted in Australia East Azure region to Australia Southeast.

Assess the Azure Cloud environment to capture the security and cost optimization recommendations.

Scan the Network to capture the Ports that are required to be blocked in Firewall. 

Deploy Microsoft Purview to perform Data Governance for Azure SQL Server or Azure Storage.

Training Fees


$500 x 4

  • Azure Job Read Program
  • Live Training
  • 1 Year access to Session Recordings
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Labs and Projects
  • Project Work
  • FREE Mock Interviews
  • FREE Resume Correction
  • FREE Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • FREE Unlimited Retakes for 1 Year
  • FREE Lifetime On-Job Support

One Time

$ 1700.00

  • Azure Job Ready Program
  • Live Training
  • 1 Year access to Session Recordings
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Labs and Projects
  • Project Work
  • FREE Mock Interviews
  • FREE Resume Correction
  • FREE Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • FREE Unlimited Retakes for 1 Year
  • FREE Lifetime On-Job Support


A FREE 15 minutes Call to discuss your doubts, struggles and aspirations. This call will also help you clarify if this Program is fit for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in Azure cloud computing roles.

IT professionals, career changers, recent graduates, and tech enthusiasts interested in cloud computing.

Basic IT knowledge is recommended, but not required. Our program starts with fundamental concepts.

The program typically takes 3 to 6 months, depending on your pace and learning schedule.

Yes, the program is offered online.

A computer with internet access is required. A computer with 16 GB of RAM will be beneficial for some of the On-Prem to Azure Migrations, etc. However, not mandatory. 

Yes, the program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to balance your studies with work commitments.

This course cover topics but not limited to:

  1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  2. Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204)
  3. Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
  4. Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer (AZ-400)
  5. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-305)
  6. Microsoft Azure Security Engineer (AZ-500)
  7. Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions (AZ-700)

Through a mix of live sessions, recorded lectures, hands-on labs, and interactive materials.

Yes, you will have access to industry experts and mentors for guidance and support.

Yes, collaborative projects are part of the curriculum to enhance learning and teamwork skills.

You can catch up at your own pace, and our support team is available to help you stay on track.

Resume building, interview coaching, mock interviews, job placement assistance, job alerts, etc.

Visit our website, complete the enrollment form, and our admissions team will guide you through the process.

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans.

Yes, you will have access to course materials and updates.

By equipping you with in-demand skills, practical experience that are highly valued by employers.

Yes, our program is designed to facilitate smooth transitions for professionals from various IT backgrounds.

You can reach out to our support team via email, phone, or the support portal on our website.

All live sessions are recorded and available for later viewing.

Yes, you can review and retake any part of the program to reinforce your learning.

While designed to be completed in 3-6 months, you have up to one year to finish the program at your own pace.

Training Instructor is a IT Professional who has experience in designing, implementing and managing Cloud for various large Organisations. 

Instructor is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with other Certifications such as:

AZ-900: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
DP-900: Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
SC-300: Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate
SC-900: Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
AZ-305: Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
SC-100: Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert
AZ-500: Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate
AZ-104: Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate